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Poster: guyzilla Date: Apr 21, 2011 11:52am
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Grounding myself to my bedroom

Actually, the wife and I can't have kids. That used to be a source of sadness between us but after the last few months of taking care of my sister in law's kids we've found it a little easier to accept. We're always having to put the little buggers on time out for acting up, and yes, they do it a lot. They are 5 and 6 years old, but when they are with us, they act much younger, and throw fits if they don't get their way. I can kind of understand how they feel, though. They have their own place, but when they're not in school, they're with us until their mom comes to get them, which is right around bedtime, so from the time they get up until the time they go to bed, they're anyplace but their own house, and I think they're getting tired of it, and that's likely why they've been difficult lately.

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Poster: HaarFager872 Date: Apr 21, 2011 9:40pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Grounding myself to my bedroom

The Beach Boys said it best:
"There's a place where I can go and tell my secrets to,
In my room, in my room."

They'll work it out soon. But, with IA to keep you company, move the fridge in your bedroom and get comfy!